How to Install on Computer

Download IPTV SMARTERS Pro for Windows

Windows OS 7/8/8.1/10:

Once you download the file, follow the prompts to install it!

(Download link)


Windows OS 7/8/8.1/10:

  • 1. Download & install the
  •  IPTV Smarters Pro for Windows (Download Link)
  • 2. After installation OPEN IPTV Smarters .exe
  • 3. Click on the + to add a NEW IPTV account
  • 4. Now enter the following details:

Enter Name: [Add Any Name You Want]

Username: [SENT AFTER PURCHASE in activation Email ] in your PLAYLIST/URL

Password: [SENT AFTER PURCHASE in activation Email ] in your PLAYLIST/URL

Server URL:Port:  (ONLY)

5. Now click ADD USER

6. A new profile & account will be created

7. Click on the new profile account box which will open your IPTV menu

8. Now click on the LIVE TV on the left of screen

9. From here you can select from the channels sub menu’s and select your channel to watch


Login screen

Your Playlist link/url

This will be found in the activation  EMAIL sent to you when you registered or purchased

PLEASE CHECK all your email folders and spam!

PLEASE NOTE : Your Playlist Link /URL contains
Your Username
Your Password




Click Add User,

IPTV Player will indicate it added your account successfully!

Manage Users menu like below!

Home screen

VLC Media Player an alternative IPTV Player for Windows

VLC media player – it is a free media player.

(Download link)


This widely acclaimed IPTV player does not need an introduction. It is an open-source multimedia player that can effortlessly manage all your local media and stream IPTV content. It uses m3u files to stream IPTV. 

That is why, this program will be perfect for watching TV programs on your computer. This program works with the most modern operative systems.

All you need is the latest version of VLC and few simple steps to stream IPTV into your VLC player.

  • Launch VLC Player.

  • Open Network Streams from the Media section.

  • Enter the URL of the TV show or video you wish yo watch and then click on Play. 

VLC Media Player comes with a simple interface and is undoubtedly one of the most users friendly IPTV players.


1. Download and install VLC media player on your computer.

(Download link)

2. COPY the Playlist/URL  (Sent to you by Email when you registered)  EXAMPLE of this

3. After that, run the VLC player.

Choose the menu Playlist/Open Media > Choose NETWORK AND COPY  file exactly as per Email into the block provided!

4. After Copying  the supplied Playlist/URL 

Click Play/Open .

Then transmission of the TV channel that is listed first in the playlist will begin.

Open Playlist-> show Playlist to view the list of channels.

Choose another channel from the playlist to watch it.

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